JPI ExamVue Wireless Detector 

14″ x 17″ Cassette-Sized Wireless Detector

Friendly User Experience

  • • 14″x17″ cassette-sized wireless detector; easily fits into standard bucky tray cabinets for upgrading a film or CR system to a flat-panel DR system.
  • • No wiring to generator with Full-Field Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) Technology.
  • • Wireless acquisition and transfer of a full resolution radiographic image with 802.11 n interface and dual-bands
  • (2.415GHz) at 300Mbps data transmission rate.

Superior Image Quality

  • The best performance Csl direct-deposition technology on new generation of TFT/PIN PD panel and low noise electronics.

ExamVue Design Philosophy

  • Extra long battery life with 1400 exposures (10 sec interval between exposures) and 7 hours stand-by time.
  • Light weight and slim design with built-in foldable handle; rubber insulated frame and high strength aluminum-alloy case ensure safe and convenient operations.

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