Jade Mobile Portable Solution 

JADE is a powerful, innovative, highly versatile portable X-ray system suitable for a variety of clinical uses. With a simple, easy-to-use operator console, two-step foldable stand and auto lock system, JADE is one of the most user-friendly portable X-ray systems on the market today. When combined with the award winning VIVIX-S 3643VW panel, an unparalleled pre-packaged mobile digital diagnostic system was created.

JADE Portable X-Ray System Multiple Angles-min

JADE Portable X-Ray System Features

  • 4kW High Frequency X-ray Generator
  • Maximum 120kVp / 0.1 ~250mAs
  • 0.001 to 10 sec Exposure Time Range
  • 119 lbs including X-ray unit, collimator and stand
  • Maximum height of 7’ 5”
  • Collimator with 30 second LED lamp timer
  • Exposure Hand Switch with 15’ cord length
  • Foldable, two-step stand
  • Vehicle loadable
  • Wheel lock
  • Automatic tube arm lock at any angle
  • User Programmable APR (up to 9 APR settings)
  • Dual Focal Spot of 0.5/1.5mm
  • USB interface & Bluetooth
  • 18 month Manufacturer Warranty

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